Annual Return – Form 15

Most of the common question, received to the portal so far is;

I have not done any business, no transactions, do I have to file the annual return?


The main reason why this question is coming is most of the business owners are mislead for the income tax return. The annual return to the registrar general of companies is not something you declare the finances of the company but the details of the company such as;

  1. Number of the Company (For Private Limited Companies Number starts with PV)
  2. Name of the Company
  3. Previous Name of the Company (if Any)
  4. Address of the places where you keep the company documents (if its a place other than the Registered Address)
  5. Stated Capital of the company and the details of the share capital.
  6. List of Directors with their Full Name, National Identity Card Number and the Registered Residential Address
  7. List of Shareholders with their Full Name and Residential Address
  8. Names and Address of the Auditor and the Company Secretary

This need to be file at the Registrar General of Companies from the prescribed Form 15 and shall pay the fee of Rs.5,000 + VAT

If you need a copy of blank Form 15 please free to send me a message to receive it by email.