Name for your Company

  1. First, search the database of the registered companies through Registrar-General of Companies portal or using the books kept on the information counter of Registrar-General of Companies for possible similar names
  2. After you verify the availability of the Name, fill the Name search form (A16) in this portal or manually using the form collected from the information counter of the ROC
  3. The form A16 is examined by at the public information counter (if you hand over the form). More information may be requested depending on the manner in which the forms have been filled. This may be done by e-mail if the portal is used. If the name includes initials please indicate what those initials stand for
  4. You can either send a Name search application using this portal paying Rs. 2,384.50 (fees Rs. 2000/= + 15% VAT + Processing charges) (only Sampath e-Wallet, Mater and Visa cards are accepted) or submit manually paying Rs. 2300.00 (Fees Rs. 2000/= +15% VAT) to the Shroff counter at the Department of Registrar of Companies, Colombo.
  5. The Name verification document is sent to the database administrator who will run a search for similar names which he will list and submit send it to the Registrar-General of Companies
  6. The Registrar-General of Companies (or his Officers) have the sole discretion to approve the names delegate authority to approve. He may approve the name OR request more information OR a change to the proposed name. If the name is approved. Approval Number can be collected over the information counter of ROC or if sent through the portal will be e-mailed the following day.

This Reservation valid only for a period of 3 months from the date of application.